Other photos

The Pied-a-Mer's original owner brought it to China Harbor in February 2007. We bought it in October 2007 and moved it to a different slip in the same marina.

Boats gather on Lake Union in anticipation of the annual 4th of July fireworks display. We get a great view of the show from our slip at the marina.

Arlyn's flower garden makes the boat seem more homey.

One year we hired a diver to clean and inspect the bottom of the hull...

...but Les takes care of everything above the waterline.

The Seattle Esperanto Society often has its summer picnic aboard the Pied-a-Mer.

Christmas is always a festive time at the marina.

It's quite rare, but sometimes we're treated to a blanket of snow. It's cosy inside the boat and it can be very pleasant as long as we're careful not to let the water hose freeze.

A beautiful sunrise promises another nice day on Lake Union.