Comments by Julie's Coworkers

"I adored Julie as did everyone at CCR and probably just about everyone who ever met her.  She was a blessing, and just to know her is and will always be a blessing.  Over the years, Julie's good nature and positive upbeat attitude have been an inspiration to me. ... CCR is a closely connected place, and Julie was at its center. ... Without exception, she was encouraging, supportive, and enthusiastic."

"Julie was one of the warmest, kindest people I've ever met.  She had a great zest for life and not a vicious bone in her body.  She did some brilliant work and never got carried away with herself."

"Though I rarely had the chance to speak with Julie, I felt I knew her at least a little from reading so much of her dazzling work.  We will all miss her, certainly for her brilliance, but perhaps more for her kindness and gracious humility."

"Those of us in Fort Meade knew there was nothing better than for Julie to be interested in a problem we were working on.  Her creativity, determination, and joy were infectious in those who worked with her, and that spirit will live on."

"She was such a wonderful person; bright, gifted, determined, but also able to listen, instruct, and lead."

"Time after time she would make significant progress on seemingly intractable problems. ... My first contact with Julie occurred when I had just joined CCR.  I remember feeling somewhat demoralized when I would slave away getting absolutely nowhere, whereas it seemed that every couple of weeks Julie would make some kind of major advance. ... Well, when it was my turn to have a breakthrough, I remember everyone being enthusiastic and encouraging they're all great people but I remember Julie being especially congratulatory. ... The thing was, Julie never made me feel that she thought she was better than I was even though, of course, she was better than I was.  In addition to being a brilliant cryptologist, she was also a wonderfully warm and humble human being."

"Julie was an especially good person to work with.  Her explanations of observed phenomena were always clear, and stated in a simple, unpretentious manner. ... She was quick to praise others for their contributions.  Even though, in truth, we were following her lead much of the time, she always made us feel like equal partners in the work. ... Julie was unusual in almost every population to which she belonged.  Among people, she was unusual for being a mathematician.  Among mathematicians, she was unusual for being a cryptanalytic diagnostician.  Among cryptanalysts, she was unusually good.  Among good cryptanalysts, she was unusual in her lack of arrogance. ... She was unique. ... Julie's heart may have been imperfect, but her mind and soul were whole and shining."

"Julie had so many rare and special qualities, including the tremendous warmth and generosity with which she shared the fruits of her exceptional gifts.  Her brilliance and creativity collaborated to produce unique ideas and insights that enabled solutions to problems that would have taken much longer or even been impossible without her contributions.  Working with Julie was a joy, an education, and an inspiration all in one.  Her pervasive sense of fun further enriched time spent with her. ... She is and will be missed widely and deeply, professionally and personally."