Friday, July 14

4:00 sunrise The only advantage to waking up at 4:00 in the morning was that we finally got to see an Alaska sunrise, and a very colorful one at that. We took a very early flight back to Anchorage, where we had a five hour layover. I slept in the Anchorage airport for a few more hours, and then Joel and I took an airport shuttle to the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum. The museum was interesting to us, but certainly would have been fascinating to a true aviation buff. There were a number of airplanes on display outside on the lawn, in widely ranging states of repair. Some of them were in the process of restoration. There was also a lot of information about historic flights and the development of commercial aviation in Alaska.

Joel was lucky to survive that crash!

We stopped in Seattle again on the way back home, and met my parents in the airport. We handed off some souvenirs from our trip and returned some equipment they had loaned to us. Since our flight to San Diego was delayed by two hours, we actually had time for a game of "May I?" before returning home.

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Julie Kerr, July 16, 2000