Monday, July 10

Waterfall in Blackstone Bay Waterfall from Blackstone Glacier

Greenery in Blackstone Bay

We woke up in Blackstone Bay and stopped in front of the Blackstone Glacier for a while. There were several pretty waterfalls alongside the glacier. We soon made our way back to Whittier for departure. The unloading of our bags was a bizarre scene. All the crew members lined up along the gangplank and dock and handed our luggage from one to the next in a slightly haphazard manner.

Sun shining on Blackstone Bay

We took a bus back to Anchorage. Because the tunnel from Whittier has only one lane used by both directions of traffic and the train, we had to wait on the bus for an hour before we were allowed through. During the wait, some of the younger passengers got off the bus and slid around on the ice fields nearby (only minutes after our driver said, "You can walk around outside as long as you don't go on the ice fields!"). I slept during most of the trip to Anchorage but woke up in time to see more Dall sheep up on the mountains.

Carving a canoe Back in Anchorage, we were dropped off at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. Since Joel and I had already seen the museum on Thursday, we went shopping in the downtown area and ate lunch at the Sweet Basil Cafe. Then we checked into the Sheraton and went on a bus tour of Anchorage. The tour left us at the Alaska Native Heritage Center, which had nice descriptions of some of the major Native American tribes and Eskimo groups of Alaska. At the museum, we watched a master carver in the process of building a four-person canoe.

That evening, we ate salad and dessert at the seafood buffet in the Sheraton. Afterwards, we watched JoAnn and Monty's Alaska Show, a husband and wife singing team. The show was billed as, "Bad jokes, good songs," but in retrospect what I really remember is their banter between the songs. They shared some regional lingo, a few amusing facts about Alaska, and some humorous and touching stories about the mindset of those who choose to live in Alaska.

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Julie Kerr, July 16, 2000