Julie and Joel's Page

Welcome to our homepage! Please follow the links to see pictures from our vacations and to learn about some of our interests.

Our Alaska Honeymoon
A journal and pictures from the honeymoon we took to Prince William Sound and Denali National Park
Balloon Ride over Del Mar
Some great pictures we took while riding over San Diego in a hot air balloon
New Year's in Death Valley
Celebrating the new millenium in the desert
A journal and pictures from our vacation in Maui
Blue Otter Cruise
Our vacation in the San Juan Islands
Baja, Mexico
Whale watching tour in the Sea of Cortés
Intro to Veganism
How and why we eat the way we do
Julie's Math Page
A list of my favorite math competitions and programs for high school and college students
Help! Where do I go now?
Les & Arlyn Kerr
Come meet Julie's family
David Kerr
Come meet Julie's brother


Julie Kerr and Joel Rosenberg, February 1, 2005