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Les & Arlyn Kerr
Seattle, WA

Pied-a-Mer - the housebarge that we live on when we're not traveling
Whimsy - the Camano Troll pocket trawler that we use for cruising
No Jibe - our old Cruise-a-Home
Island Spirit photo album & video - our 2010 trip to the Canadian Gulf Islands
Chug - our San Juan cruise aboard a Nordic Tug in 2000
How Esperanto Changed My Life - Arlyn's zine about our favorite language
Nomada Vivo - Arlyn's blog of our four-month Esperanto-enabled European adventure in 2015
Esperanto-USA - learn more about Esperanto
Sid & Ruth Culbert - a memorial to our Esperanto teacher and his wife
Biblioteko Culbert - an Esperanto library in Seattle
MorseKOB program - Les' Morse telegraphy program
Julie - a memorial to our dear daughter
Planarity - a program Julie wrote for us (works with Internet Explorer)
Arlyn's quilts - a former hobby of Arlyn's
Arlyn's computer art - another hobby
Merida - Arlyn's 2015 trip to Mexico
Queen Charlotte Islands - 2009 trip
New Dungeness Lighthouse - our experience as light keepers for a week in 2001
Mount Baker - 2000 trip by Arlyn's hiking group
Skamokawa - kayaking on the Columbia River in 2000

Les Kerr
Arlyn Kerr

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